WMD Nickel Boron Coated Stripped Upper Receiver with Topcoat
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Fully coated NiB-X upper which has been topcoated with a ceramic coating. 


WMD applies specialized coatings to firearm parts—improving reliability, guarding against wear, moisture, and corrosion, simplifying cleaning and maintenance, and extending service life.

There’s no substitute for our quality, NiB-X Nickel boron coating

WMD is the industry’s leading source for high-performance Nickel Boron coatings. But beware: there are imitators out there, and not all Nickel Boron coatings are equal. Do not confuse Nickel Boron with Electroless Nickel, Electroless Nickel with Teflon, or Electroless Nickel with Boron Nitride, which fail to deliver the performance levels of NiB-X.

Look for NiB-X on your product to ensure you are getting Nickel Boron technology that:

  • Is expertly applied by an aerospace- and automotive-certified NADCAP facility
  • is lead-free
  • conforms to industry standard AMS 2433C Type I ASTM B607
  • has a hardness of above Rc=70
  • provides Boron content above 4%


  • Item #: 505
  • Manufacturer: WMD

WMD Nickel Boron Coated Stripped Upper Receiver with Topcoat

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